Friday, April 15, 2011

A Domestic Affair

Bellville Home Affairs - being chilled to the bone on an already frosty Cape autumn day by an aircon on steroids! Arrived at 8.53am, got parking in a cinch (getting to proudly watch a brisk and efficient municipal team of street cleaners finishing up from what must have been a VERY early start to the day, leaving the streets immaculate!) Saw a bergie's Pick 'n Pay trolley double-deckered with neatly tied bundles of treasure - and instead of it being the eyesore so many South Africans despise with such absent compassion, I let my linger on the sight of Africa. Of my South Africa. As I always say (ad nauseum) : "What is healing but a change in perspective?" So next time something pees you off about our country, do a 'bollemakiesie' and discover the childlike joy of seeing everything upside down!
(A queue of only one more person, so better finish off here, tik-tik-tikking away on my Blackberry which is letting me blog again at last!) Want to tell you next time about: the irony of our UK-born children's Golden Ticket of the apparently divine, worshipped and much coveted British Passport. And my next blogging opportunity after that? My sister's Bantry Bay burgalry!
Ciao, mense - later praat, ne? X
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A is for Apple, Anxiety, Africa

Driving back from Grabouw - the tranquil apple farming valley nestled quietly between mountains that can only be so savagely romantic as to be undeniably South African. (Yip, I'll always be the passionate little soutie drama queen *wink*) I've made absolutely bloody sure to save this as a draft as I go along after my blogging disaster on Sunday... (I typed up what I felt to be one of my most heartfelt pieces ever - and it simply vanished into thin air as I saw Melanie waiting for me in their driveway: AAARGH!!!) My folks drove me from Durbanville to Grabouw for me to see one of my most precious friends 'for one last time': and the bittersweet anxiety of my heart at a): the sweet: finally being together on our home soil after 7 years of what we thought surely an impossible fantasy and... b)the bitter: that it was only the most temporary of realities: Melanie and her little family are merely in a soutie-transit between the UK and Sydney Australia... (My Blackberry battery's running low... So better say ciao from my heartsore little plekkie in Mel's mom's bakkie as she drives me away back to Durbanville...) More later x

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mngqusho (Can You Click?)

Because food is a passion for me - and because, as South Africans, we have such adventurous palates, I wanted to introduce my newest blog to you: called 'Samp & Sushi' (*wink*) I'll be posting random tidbits of gastromic trivia, taste experiments, South African and 'world food' recipes that are foolproof, sinfully sublime and DEFINITELY not hip-proof!

Have a squizz and... as always: blerry well comment, mense!!